NCLA Announces KG3 Prize Winner for the Biggest Abuser of Civil Liberties in Government

2023 Winner

Merrick Garland

United States Attorney General

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You may think and say ONLY what I allow! Merrick Garland garnered more votes than any other nominee this year! Bad enough that he has presided over the reckless and corrosive politicization of the Department of Justice, but he trampled all over the First Amendment to do it. Whether to protect the government’s precious COVID narrative, or tamper with electoral outcomes, Garland’s DOJ has worked to silence Americans, trying to control them in the process. His reward? The King George III Prize!!!

2022 Winner

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Former Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States

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Took the prize by a landslide for undermining public understanding of naturally acquired immunity to Covid-19, pretending for many months—in a way that led thousands or more people to lose their jobs—that a vaccine should still be mandated for those with antibodies from natural immunity. So much for following the science!

2021 Federal Winner

Nina Witkofsky

Former Chief of Staff, Centers for Disease Control

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NCLA sued the CDC over its unconstitutional eviction moratorium, because it violates the right to access the courts, exceeds limits on the Supremacy Clause, raises serious non-delegation doctrine concerns, and implicates anti-commandeering principles and precedents. Forget for the moment that the CDC’s jurisdiction cannot possibly extend to regulating local real estate. It’s not even clear the federal government has the power to do this. The CDC claims that the power comes from the Commerce Clause to the US Constitution, which allows the federal government to regulate interstate commerce. But what, we ask, could be more local (and less interstate) than a property interest in a location, a.k.a. land?!

2021 State Winner

Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor (2011-2021)

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Do we even have to explain how Governor Cuomo (NY) ended up our number one seed in the state bracket? We could point to the deadly consequences of forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients. Or the infringement of religious liberty and other freedoms. Or perhaps the economic devastation wrought by the endless series of lockdowns, restrictions, and other tyrannical abuses of power. And for what? The evidence now seems to indicate that those unlawful and abusive policies did nothing to improve health outcomes for New Yorkers. And, of course, the nursing home edict was downright lethal.


We must admit, we are having tons of fun coming up with memes for these nominees. They provide so much material and it’s our job to call them out on it on social media. We invite you to download, share and use our hashtag #TheGeorgies

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